Healthy Twix Bar- @jordiepieface

Just to clarify, this is not my recipe.
But holy moly! You need to try it. 
Straight from @jordiepieface Healthier homemade TWIX!
These babies are gluten-free egg-free refined sugar-free and gut-friendly plus they contain bone broth 🙌🏻. They’re perfect to have in the fridge or freezer whenever a sweet craving strikes! Here’s what you need to make them;⁣

✨ 2 cups almond flour⁣
✨ ½ cup melted ghee⁣ (or nuttelex)
✨ 3 Tbsp coconut flour⁣
✨ 2 Tbsp maple syrup⁣
✨ 1 tsp vanilla extract⁣

✨ 2 cups roasted cashews⁣
✨ 1 cup coconut cream⁣
✨ 4 Tbsp coconut oil⁣
✨ 4 Tbsp maple syrup (or more to taste if you like it sweeter)⁣
✨ 1 heaped Tbsp @gevityrx Plain Bone Broth Body Glue (use the code “GEV10” for 10% off, code is valid until Jan 31st)⁣
✨ 1 tsp vanilla powder or 2 tsp vanilla extract⁣

✨ 1 block quality dark chocolate⁣
✨ 2 Tbsp coconut oil⁣

1. Preheat oven to 180C. Line a slice tray with baking paper.⁣
2. Mix all base ingredients in a bowl.⁣
Press the base mixture into the lined tray evenly using your hands.⁣
3. Place in the oven and bake for 17-20 mins, or until dark golden brown.⁣
4. Remove the base from the oven.⁣
5. Add all filling ingredients into a food processor or thermomix and blend until smooth. Scrape down the sides and reblend.⁣
Taste the mixture and add more maple syrup if desired.⁣
6. Pour the caramel on top of the base and spread it out evenly and place it into the freezer to set.⁣
7. Add the chocolate and coconut oil into a small saucepan. Heat until melted, and stir to combine.⁣
8. If you’d prefer a slice (easier option) pour the chocolate on top of the caramel layer and place it back into the fridge to set.⁣
9. If you’d prefer chocolate-coated bars, cut them into slices and coat each bar in the melted chocolate and transfer them to a lined tray.⁣
10. Continue until each bar is coated in chocolate.⁣
11. Place into the fridge or freezer to set.⁣
If you choose to make the slice version, cut it into squares and enjoy.⁣
12. Enjoy and savor each bite!⁣

"No one is born a great cook,

one learns by doing"

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